Man rescues lion from a life of cruelty, can’t believe her reaction when he surprises her

Lions are some of the most incredibly powerful creatures on the planet. While there are many who find lions to be frightening animals, there are some humans who are willing to look past their exterior and not judge a book by its cover.

Most do not realize that humans tend to pose a much greater threat to lions than they do us, as they are often hunted for prestige and killed for sport. In other instances, the lions will be captured and sold into a life in the circus, a fate worse than death for most jungle cats.


Thanks to the efforts of the Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation, these majestic animals are being given a well deserved opportunity for a better life. Their work is definitely paying off, as you will be able to catch a closer glimpse of the connections that they build by checking out the video below.

Adolfo is not deterred by the false perceptions that surround lions and he has befriended this beautiful lioness. Kiara the lioness loves her adoptive father very much and the affection that these two have for each other jumps off of the screen.


The cutest part of this clip is the massive size difference between the two, but that has not stopped them from developing a powerful connection. Kiara’s size does not preclude her from behaving in the same manner as a smaller kitty would, showering Adolfo with love and affection.


She poses zero threat to her human friend and clips like these prove that lions are nothing to be afraid of, if you are willing to take the time to get to know them. Would you be able to develop this type of relationship with a lion? Be sure to watch this video with your friends and family so that you can find out more about their take on this matter.

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