Man Returns Orange Juice At The Convenient Store Only To Win $758M With Refund

Tayeb Souami purchased a $5 bottle of orange juice from the local grocery store in Little Ferry, NJ. His wife, being a champion shopper, told him to return it because it was on sale for half price at another store. Little did she know that her bargain hunting ways would turn out to be one of the best things she had ever done in her life.

Her husband went back out again to the ShopRite store in Hackensack. They wanted to make sure it went back to the same store where they got it in the first place. As he approached the customer service area to make the return he saw a sign for the Powerball. He was intrigued because the winner would get a huge payout of some $306 million dollars. Tayeb didn’t stop to think about this decision very long. After all, he had taken his time to return to the store and he now had $5 in his hand so he did what many people would do; he bought 2 Powerball tickets.

Flash forward to the next day and he was having his car washed. That is when he remembered his lottery tickets so he went to the 7-11 to see if he was a winner. The first ticket was a dud and it ended up in the trash can. When he scanned the second ticket, however, the look on the face of the cashier took Tayeb by surprise. He was stunned and simply said, “Oh my God!”

How excited would you have been if you found out that you had just won the lottery? For Tayeb, it was quite an ordeal. In fact, he wasn’t able to drive his car for 2 hours because his hands were shaking so badly.

After he finally got home, his wife greeted him by asking what took him so long. He simply handed her the lottery ticket and broke down in tears.

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