Man saves pregnant dog trapped under a shed, dog thanks him with kisses and hugs

When this pregnant dog found herself in a sticky situation, things were looking grim. These types of troublesome scenarios happen all too often and in many instances, there is no way for a dog to receive the help that they so desperately need. This stray pup goes by the name of Pumpkin and she has had a long, hard road.


She was residing at the Hawkins County Humane Society when she managed to get herself into some serious trouble. Pumpkin’s backyard play went awry when she wedged herself into a crawl space underneath a storage shed and was unable to remove herself from the unique predicament.


The shelter staffers knew that something had to be wrong when Pumpkin did not show up when she was called for treats. Due to her pregnancy, she could not free herself from her self made prison and she had put herself into quite the pickle.

While they initially attempted to free her by giving her a slight tug in their direction, Pumpkin’s swollen pregnancy belly made this a more difficult task than expected. Fortunately, the shelter’s handyman was able to step in and provide her with the help that she needed.


Joey Arnold used his jack to lift the entire shed and thanks to his quick thinking, Pumpkin was able to slip right out and return to her daily routine. She was very grateful for the assistance that she received and we are happy to report that she was not injured as a result of this awful ordeal.

This footage was taken after Pumpkin was freed and you will be hard pressed not to laugh and smile at the barrage of sloppy, wet kisses that she bestowed upon her savior.

If you appreciated Joey’s heroic actions as much as we did, then be sure to share this incredible clip with your friends and family members on Facebook.


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