Man Sees Great Dane Acting Odd In Driveway. Hears A Bone-Chilling Scream From Neighbor’s House

Our canine pets are intuitive and intelligent. They sense more than we do and are incredibly perceptive when it comes to their surroundings.

One day in 2013, Rob Jerry decided to take his Great Dane, Sadie for a walk around their Sparta, Michigan neighborhood. While on their journey, Sadie trotted alongside her master. Suddenly, she stopped where she stood and wouldn’t move.

Rob thought this strange. Sadie didn’t come when commanded. Instead, she trained her gaze on a driveway of a nearby home.

This behavior wasn’t normal for his gentle giant of a dog. It was soon after Sadie froze that Jerry heard what he described as the sound of deer grunting in the woods. The noise persisted; jerry then realized he didn’t hear an animal, but a human being crying out for help.

Throughout this entire time, Sadie remained still, doing her best to communicate to her master that something was very wrong. Jerry peered around and finally noticed his 89-year-old neighbor, Albert Larson lying unmoving in his driveway. The frail man had bruises over his body. He was lying there begging for someone to help him.

Jerry quickly came to his elderly friend’s aid. Thanks to Sadie’s alertness and Jerry’s keen attention to his dog and her behavior, they rescued a man who very well could’ve died. Watch the video below to see for yourself how Sadie saved the day.

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