This Man’s Blood Has Saved The Lives Of 2.4 Million Babies

We would all love to help out as many disadvantaged babies as possible and many of us dream of the things that we would do if we had the proper means. James Harrison is a man from Australia who does have the means but his ability to assist children in need has very little to do with his financial status. As a 14 year old, he received a blood transfusion that saved his life and he vowed to do the same for others once he turned 18.

He has spent the ensuing 60 years donating to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service and the organization says that he has been responsible for saving millions of lives. His blood has been instrumental when it comes to combating the health issues that babies face. Rhesus disease was to blame. Babies who experience this disease are affected when their mother’s blood starts attacking their own blood cells.

If the mother has blood that is rhesus positive and the child’s blood is also rhesus positive, this is what causes the issue to take place. Harrison’s blood is especially valuable because it contains an antibody that was used to develop an injection that proved instrumental in treating rhesus disease. It is called Anti-D and is given to mothers during pregnancy to keep them from developing harmful antibodies.

No one knows why Harrison’s blood is so effective but they believe it stems from the blood transfusions he received as a child. While every drop of blood that these organizations receive is priceless, James’ is especially valuable. As a result of the assistance that he provides, he has now become known as “The Man With The Golden Arm”.

He has made over 1,100 donations with this arm and has also added 10 donations from his left arm for good measure. Harrison does not consider himself a hero and has even joked about his donation abilities serving as his only talent. Now that he has reached the age where donations are no longer solicited, he is officially retiring from the blood donation game.

Harrison has received a Medal of the Order for his selflessness. It is estimated that he saved a total of over 2 million lives throughout the course of his donations. If you would like to learn more about the man with the golden arm and his life-saving abilities, we strongly urge you to check out the video below.

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