Maryland Police Say Children Were Beaten And Forced To Eat Dog Feces For Months

Two women were recently placed under arrest in the state of Maryland. It is hard to surprise anyone with any story about true crime that takes place these days. What these monstrous women did just might stun even the most cynical readers out there, though. They are believed to have abused three children in ways that go well beyond the typical stories that we encounter.

The children were beaten and locked inside of closets for extended periods of time. They were not given a proper diet. According to the police officers who arrested the abusive women, the children were forced to live on a diet of water, bread and oatmeal. In addition to these foodstuffs, they were also fed dog feces on a regular basis. What kind of monster do you have to be to feed dog feces to innocent children?

Besline and her girlfriend Amanda stand accused of the aforementioned crimes. They have been charged with multiple crimes and face two different assault charges. The women will now have to answer for their litany of offenses in a court of law. Hopefully, these children will no longer have to endure this type of abuse on a daily basis.

The children were beaten with a wide range of different objects. It is tough to fathom the level of cruelty that these women displayed and with any luck, they will never have the chance to behave in this manner ever again. The children have shared all of their stories with investigators. This cannot be chalked up to a one time only incident.

One child was electrocuted with a Taser for the most minor infractions. Amanda told the children that she was going to slit their throats if they spoke a word to the outside world about their treatment. Another child claims to have been violently shoved into a washing machine and says that the incident caused him to crack his skull.

No one is sure of the relationship that is shared between these women and the children. It is tough to imagine why these women would take on the responsibility of raising children that they clearly do not want. We are sickened and horrified by this story and hope that no other children are made to suffer through this kind of sadistic behavior. Please share this shocking tale with all of your closest friends and loved ones.

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