Masked Intruder Confronts 9-Year-Old Boy Home Alone, Has No Idea Dog Is Lurking In Shadows

It can be a tough job juggling all the responsibilities that come with being a parent. For 9-year-old Shane Shafer, and his mom, life can be busy, requiring his mom to be in two places at once. This is an impossible human feat.

Shane’s mother decided to leave him home alone for a few moments while she hurried out to pick up his sibling. She wouldn’t be gone long. Shane would be okay; but little did she know about the frightening events that would take place during her brief absence.

Shane played quietly in his room. A sound from downstairs caught his attention. The front door opened; he thought his mom had returned home.

Leaving his room, Shane rushed downstairs. To his horror and utter shock, standing before him wasn’t his mother but a man in a ski mask. The little boy remained frozen in place; the intruder stared him down.

“He didn’t look at anything else. He just kept his eyes on me,” the boy told reporters.

His mind raced; what should he do? How could he get out of this situation? Shane panicked and hurried back upstairs to his room.

The man followed, but there was one surprise the masked villain didn’t anticipate. The family’s pit bull, Baby girl. She stood in the shadows, waiting and willing to do everything necessary to protect her human companion. She didn’t cower in the face of real danger, but stood her ground, as any loyal canine would do.

To see how this story ends, watch the video below.

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