Meet The Gypsy Who Became The World’s Youngest Grandmother At 23-Years-Old

Young ladies everywhere will be more than happy to tell you about all of the fear that they experience when it comes to the concept of motherhood. After all, the average woman would like to have an established career and a chance to explore who she truly is as a person before settling down. While women who have children at very young ages is now considered to be more of a rarity, there are still those out there who choose to break the mold.

Who knows more about breaking the mold and doing their own thing than a gypsy? Some may cringe at the idea of having a child when they are just 23 years old. But what about becoming a GRANDMOTHER at the age of 23? This is simply too horrifying for some of us to even fathom. Rifca is a gypsy and her story is one that you will have to read on in order to fully believe.

She was just 12 years old when she gave birth to a child of her own. Rifca did her best to steer little Maria away from the same decisions that she once made. Despite her best efforts, Maria became pregnant at the age of 11 and she is now a 23 year old grandmother as a result. She left the home at the tender age of ten and the baby was born just a few short months later.

Rifca’s conception was actually borne out of societal pressures. She and her young lover decided to become married and conceive a child because they were afraid of being forced into an arranged marriage. Her marriage took place under much different circumstances. Her father had even gone so far as to attack the young man with a knife.

Rifca had to make this type of difficult choice because she had already been promised to another man by the age of two. Maria did not heed her warnings and while Rifca wishes that she had done things differently, she still loves her new grandchild with all her heart. As for great grandma? She is only 40 and has yet to speak publicly on the matter!

These types of practices might seem strange to the rest of us but they are standard issue in the gypsy community. We are just happy that we were given the chance to fully enjoy our childhood. The angst of trying to find the right prom date pales in comparison to the annoyances caused by the everyday rigors of parenting.

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