Meet Lizzy, the world’s tallest female dog


Most of us find ourselves wishing that we could tack on just a few extra inches. But for the dog that you are about to meet, this is not a concern, as Lizzie towers over every other dog that she meets and is considered to be the tallest female dog on the planet.

She is over 37 inches tall and you will have a hard time stifling your laughter when you see her in action. She loves her height and as you might have imagined, she also gets away with a great deal of mischief as a result.


Just watch her as she helps herself to her owner’s plate of food without so much as a care in the world. She had a tough time as a puppy, as her oversize paws made it very difficult for her to maneuver and she was very clumsy as a result.

As she continued to grow, her owner was forced to purchase four different crate sizes. Lizzie also loves to go on car rides and watching her owner load her into the vehicle is one of the funniest sights that we have seen in a long while.


Despite her amazing height, Lizzie is a dog just like any other. She loves to spend time with her dad in Florida and she also loves to lounge around the house. She knows that she is a very special dog and her story needs to be shared with the rest of the world as soon as possible.

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