Meet The Man Who Has Lived Inside A Giant Sand Castle For 22 Years – See The Inside

Many men are fond of letting the world know that they consider their home to be their castle or their fortress. This concept is being taken to the next level by the man in this story. Mizael lives inside of a sand castle and he has been able to maintain this residence for a whopping 22 years! The seaside castle has been constructed entirely from sand and is located in Rio de Janerio.

The sand castle can be found on one of the most beautiful beaches that the location has to offer. As you can imagine, Mizael’s castle has turned into a tourist attraction of sorts. He’s even been given a crown of his very own by the locals. When we were given the chance to take a closer look at the sand castle, we were blown away by the attention to detail.

This is one of the most unique homes that we have ever had the privilege of seeing for ourselves. There are a few stipulations to this type of lifestyle, though. Mizael says that he is unable to sleep inside of the sand castle because the structure collects too much heat during the day. As a result, he is forced to spend his nights at a friend’s house.

When he heads back to the castle each day, he spends the majority of his time tending to all of the various needs of his home. Maintaining a sand castle over the course of 22 years takes a lot of work and Mizael is happy to put in the time to make sure that the facade of the sand castle remains up to par. The castle was actually inspired by the works of Antoni Gaudi, a well known Spanish architect.

The castle contains plenty of entertainment to help him pass the time. He’s got plenty of books to read and he supports himself by selling them secondhand from inside of the castle. A makeshift wooden frame helps to keep the castle upright but the turrets constantly need to be watered. He also alters the exterior of the castle on a regular basis.

Mizael wanted to live on the beach but property in these regions tends to be very expensive. Constructing this elaborate sand castle was the best way for him to make his dreams come true without having to come up with a substantial down payment.

This is a story that you will definitely want to share with all of your closest friends and loved ones. It has to be seen to be believed.

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