Meet The Woman Who Gets Mistaken For Meghan Markle – Even Paparazzi Think It’s Her

When Meghan Markle walked down the aisle last month, the entire world watched with her. We are sure that there are plenty of people who were wishing that they would have the chance to swap places with her. While her fame and fortune are certainly enviable, it is her striking beauty that takes our breath away. Trading places with this stunner would be a dream come true for many women.

Who wouldn’t want to look just like her? Those eyes. That hair. That complexion. It is easy to see what Prince Harry saw in her. Even cosmetic surgeons have taken notice of the fact that more and more people are scheduling procedures so that they can have lips that look just like hers. The industry believes that there will be an influx of clients who are interested in looking just like her.

When it comes to those who are able to copy Meghan’s look successfully, there is one woman who definitely has the rest of the world beat. Danielle Harris may reside in Arizona but she is regularly mistaken for British royalty. Once you take a closer look at this beauty, it will become obvious that she is Meghan Markle’s true doppelganger.

In fact, she is mistaken for the duchess on a daily basis. She became aware of the fact that she resembles Markle even before she had begun to date Prince Harry. At that moment in time, Meghan was nowhere near as famous as she is now so Danielle did not think anything of it. Once Meghan and Harry’s romance went public, she started to get stopped in the street a lot more regularly (and understandably so!)

Danielle claims that she is stopped on the streets by people who think that she is Meghan more than once a day. This is a claim that we are definitely inclined to believe. She and her husband recently paid a visit to the Dallas Gucci store and were wondering why it was taking so long for them to be checked out. Little did they know that there were staff members in the back who were dying to meet “Meghan”.

Of course, she and her husband are more than flattered by the comparisons. Her husband has even joked that he would be willing to be her manager if she ever decided to be Meghan Markle’s double. Be sure to pass this story along today…

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