Meghan Markle’s Dad Was Supposed To Walk Her Down The Aisle, Then Palace Found Out He Was Lying

As viewers around the world prepare themselves for the impending royal wedding, it has already been decided that one key member of the wedding party will not be in attendance. Those who were waiting for the magic moment when Meghan Markle’s father gave his daughter away to the royal family are going to have to keep waiting. According to a recent report, Markle’s father has been busted for a rather embarrassing faux pas.

His folly? Staging paparazzi photo ops. In the wake of these revelations, Thomas Markle has decided that it would be in the best interests of all parties involved to bow out of the wedding. This decision is meant to spare his daughter the embarrassment that his presence would undoubtedly cause. Kensington Palace has already released a statement asking for the family’s privacy to be respected during this time.

Thomas Markle is making additional claims that have been called into question. He has told the media that he experienced a heart attack just before the wedding. Strangely enough, there is no evidence to support this claim and he apparently checked himself out of the hospital already. Markle has already been caught conspiring with paparazzi to set up staged photo opportunities and these secret collaborations have drawn a lot of attention.

The photo of him sitting down reading a book about British landmarks? Staged. The photo of him being fitted for his wedding suit? Also staged. There are reports claiming that Thomas received a six figure sum for these staged photographs. For his part, Thomas is currently claiming that the amount he received was not nearly that high.

He also claims that his intentions were pure. He was tired of being portrayed as a typical slob by the media. Samantha Markle, Meghan’s half sister, is also taking some of the blame. She says that the staged photos were her idea and that they were taken with the idea of rehabilitating his image. Samantha simply wanted to help him so that he would not look bad.

What a cruel irony. These efforts have now led to Thomas deciding that he should not be a part of the royal wedding at all. Hopefully, all of this is eventually squared away and the royal family is able to have a good laugh about all of this some day. We would like to wish all of the best to Meghan as she prepares for her special day.


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