You Might Stop Buying Skinless Chicken Breasts After This

Chicken is one of the most versatile foodstuffs that is a part of our daily diets. It is a great form of protein and there are a wide range of ways to cook it up. Even those who wish to eat lean can rely on chicken. However, there are those who cannot successfully cook up their own chicken. It either comes out tasting too rubbery or it ends up not having flavoring.

Since doctors everywhere have warned their patients about the dangers of eating chicken with the skin still on, most of us will heed these warnings and remove it first. But what most of us do not know is that this practice is what is responsible for the bland and tasteless chicken that we are cooking. Cooking our chicken with the skin still on is in our best interests.

If you are worried about this practice, you can still remove the skin from the chicken once it has made its way onto your plate. The skin and bones are what helps to seal in the flavor and when we get rid of it? We are actively sabotaging the meal’s tastiness levels. The moisture is also sealed in along with the flavoring and this makes for a far better meal.

Getting the chicken just right takes a little bit of finesse, though. Make sure that you are setting the temperature at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Pan searing them ahead of time will keep them from potentially becoming too dried out. Cooking them completely in the oven first is also another option. Those who wish to stick to stove top cooking should be utilizing slow and low heat.

Butter and olive oil are then added to make sure that the meat has the proper tenderness. Brine and marinades allow you to steer clear of bland and tasteless chicken, too. Peeling the skin back and adding this seasonings is a step that should not be skipped under any circumstances. Salting the chicken is not going to dry out the bird so be sure to do some dry brining well in advance.

Are you someone who is annoyed with your inability to cook chicken that comes the way that you expect it to? If so, this is your time to make a change. Let’s all make a conversion to the “skin on” team and stop forcing ourselves to enjoy chicken that is bland and tasteless.

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