Mila Kunis surprises her mom by transforming her childhood home, she can’t hold back the tears


While Mila Kunis might be best known to many audiences for her role in the smash hit comedy Bad Moms, but she is definitely one of the best daughters that we have ever seen. She decided that she would surprise her parents in a unique way and this gesture will definitely inspire readers to do more for their parents.





Mila collaborated with a company known as Houzz to provide her parents with a much needed home renovation. They have resided in this home for over 25 years and while some might be wondering why the rich and famous actress does not simply shell out for a new home for her mother and father, the reasoning for her decision was simple.

The actress had offered her parents the chance to choose a new home, but they declined, stating that they would rather remain in the residence that they are most comfortable in. Rather than force them into a new home, she brought the new home to them instead!

According to Mila, her parents love the condo very much and did not want to budge. In lieu of placing them in a brand new mansion, she elected to give the house a complete and total overhaul, so that it no longer looked like “Miami Vice in 1994” (Mila’s words, not ours.)

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However, Mila did not get rid of the personal touches that made her parents’ home unique and she was sure to offer updates that were highly necessary, without stripping the residence of its personality. This is one daughter who knows how to cater to her parents’ wishes.


To find out more about Mila’s renovation project and her parents’ reaction to all of her hard work, please be sure to check out this incredible video and once you’ve finished watching, pass it along to your friends and loved ones on Facebook.

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