Minnesota Mom’s Cookie Recipe Goes Viral Because of One Simple Twist

America certainly loves its cookies and there are a wide range of options available. When it comes time to decide on an all time favorite, the people have spoken. The classic chocolate chip cookie always wins out. This is not surprising by any stretch of the imagination. One mother from Minnesota recently surprised the Internet with her cookies, though.

Her chocolate chip cookies have been passed around social media like wildfire. Sarah may be an amateur baker but her recipe is attracting a sizable amount of positive attention. According to her, she has been “banging pans” for quite some time. While this may seem like an unusual strategy to some, there is simply no arguing with the results that her method produces.

It is hard to reinvent the wheel as far as desserts are concerned. Americans would seem to have concerned the market on almost any treat that can be created. Sarah’s recipe has nothing to do with the flavoring of the cookie. She is not reinventing the wheel with any sort of special ingredient. In fact, it is the shape of her cookies that is drawing most of the attention.

Her breakthrough was borne out of a desire to merge two different cookie styles. Most of us either prefer the ooey gooey style of chocolate chip cookie or the crunchier type of treat. Sarah’s “pan banging” technique allows cookie lovers everywhere to enjoy the best of both worlds. She realized that if she dropped the metal cookie sheet inside of the oven while they were baking, it would affect the texture in a positive way.

The #panbanging hashtag was borne out of this innovation. Her recipe has allowed her to amass a sizable following on Instagram and she is now considered to be a celebrity in the baking community. Can you believe that her cookies have even received acclaim from none other than the New York Times? This is one impressive rise to fame.

In order to learn more about these cookies and how to emulate the recipe at home, be sure to check out the video below. Luckily for us, Sarah has seen fit to provide the world with a closer look at her baking tactics. Readers should also be taking the time to spread the wealth. Our friends and loved ones are going to want to learn more about how to create these awesome cookies for themselves!

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