Mom Crawls Into Hospital Bed With Her Son, Shares Painful Truth About What Killed Him

Every parent’s worst nightmare is being forced to bury one of their children and unfortunately for the mother that you are about to meet, she was forced to experience this atrocity firsthand. This mother lost her son at the young age of 22 and while is unable to save him from the fate that he created for himself, she hopes that she can save others by sharing his story.

She climbed into the hospital bed with her son and shared the tragic story of his fentanyl overdose with the rest of the world. Sherri’s son was not an addict and all it took was one mistake to cost him his life and leave his family feeling a great deal of sadness and regret regarding his fate.

This is an epidemic that is sweeping the nation of Canada and Sherri is dedicating herself to spreading the word. Her son ran into a dangerous drug dealer who offered him to chance to try out “heroin” that was “really strong” and while he tried to resist at first, he eventually gave in to the temptation.

When the two men went in a bathroom to take the drugs, Sherri’s son started not to feel well. The cowardly drug dealer let him to suffer and did not even stay to ensure that he received help, sending workers from the store where the drugs were taken instead.

By the time the ambulance made its way onto the scene, he was experiencing cardiac arrest and it was too late for him to be saved. While the amount of shares that her post with her son received is probably of a little consolation to her, Sherri is doing more to spread awareness than most mothers would.

Please be sure to share this story with your closest friends and family members as well. There is no reason why any young men or women should ever be cut down in the prime and one mistake should never rob someone of their life. This story must be used as a teaching tool that provides a lesson to us all.

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