Mom Drops 13-Year-Old Off At School. Hours Later, Dad Gets A Chilling Message At Work

One of every parent’s biggest fears is receiving a call from an unknown number, letting them know that something has happened to their child while they were at work. A new breed of criminal is playing on this fear in a horrific manner and one father was forced to endure this nightmare in real time recently.

Just imagine the level of fear you would experience if you received a call from an unknown number and the person on the other end claimed that they had your child kidnapped. Jeff Weber is your typical everyday Utah father and when he answered a call from an unknown number while on the radio, he heard the three words that cause every parent’s blood to run cold: “Daddy, I’m scared.”


While Jeff initially thought that his child was at school, there was no way for him to find out for sure. The man who contacted claimed that he had his daughter in his possession and that is Jeff hung up the phone or attempted to contact the authorities, he would murder the little girl.

Jeff eventually managed to get in touch with his wife, who instantly put an end to what was merely a “clever” ruse known as virtual kidnapping. The perpetrators of these crimes will target those who reside in wealthier neighborhoods and collect enough information to make the gambit seem more realistic.

There are certain signs for parents to be aware of. If the caller is not willing to place your child on the phone or allow you to hear their voice, this is a sign of a scam. The same goes for callers who seek a wire transfer for the ransom monies. Remain calm and ask to speak to the victim and if you believe that a real kidnapping has taken place, contact 911 immediately.

We are sickened by the idea of people preying on the fears of parents and we urge our readers to please share this story with a wider audience, so that awareness is raised about these heartless scam attempts.

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