Mom Gives Her Dog Cancer Test Results, And Pup’s Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet

Lily is a lovable golden receiver and a prized member of her family. When she began to experience walking related issues and became weakened, her family became worried. They immediately rushed her to the emergency animal hospital to find out more about her condition. The vet had some awful news for the family, though. Lily’s stomach contained an enormous mass that was deemed to be cancerous.

There were two options available to the family. They could either put her to sleep or they could shell out for a surgery that allow the physicians to test the mass and remove it. This family did not even have to think about it for a moment. Lily was in good hands and they were more than happy to empty out their savings account to help her. A six pound growth had developed and it needed to be removed.

While they were able to remove the mass from Lily’s stomach with relative ease, the family was warned about her future prognosis. It was believed that the chances of the follow up tests coming back benign were very slim. The vet responsible for performing the tests told the family that they should expect the worst. They had never seen a negative test in their decades of operation.

Her humans were ready for the worst and they prepared themselves for all of the eventualities that they expected to take place. The dog’s recovery would probably take quite some time. The process of waiting for the results was a nerve wracking one and understandably so. When the big day finally came, the phone call that they received was a rather unexpected one.

Instead of having to prepare for a life without their dog, this family got to receive the best news possible. The vet did not give the bad news that they were expecting to hear. In fact, they were told the exact opposite! To learn more about this phone call and the effect that it had on this family’s life, please be sure to check out the video below.

One thing is for sure: Lily definitely knew what was up and her reaction to the phone call is beyond priceless. Once Lily’s mother breaks the news to her, it is clear to see that this family will be celebrating for the foreseeable future. If this story touched you as much as it did us, then please take a moment to pass it along as soon as possible.

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