Mom Got A Call From The ‘Cartel’ That Their Son Was Held Hostage, Then She Turned On The News

In a world that is full of scams that we need to remain on the lookout for, social media often feels like our only respite. Unfortunately, the scammers have begun to expand their tentacles into some of our favorite online hubs. The FBI has received word of a new scam that is affecting various families and the aforementioned scammers are literally banking on the fact that we will remain uninformed.

This scam is referred to as virtual kidnapping. Parents are contacted through social media and told that their children have been stolen away from them. In order to get their children back from the scammers, they are then asked to pay a significant ransom. The kidnappers prey on fear to perpetrate this hoax and receive money from parents who are too terrified to ask questions.

In the vast majority of these incidents, the children have not even been kidnapped. Social media is used to trick the parents into believing that they have. This scam is particularly effective when parents and children have posted personal details about their lives on their social media pages. These are the facts that the scammers use to make the ruse seem more believable.

They spend their time combing social media looking for information that they can and will use against us. In order to avoid these types of incidents, we need to bear a few important facts in mind. First of all, there is no reason to post any information about any upcoming plans that we may have on social media. We should also avoid the temptation to share too much information about where we go to school.

According to the FBI, these scams are not limited to any particular area of the country. Parents everywhere are at risk and they are now being urged not to pick up phone calls from numbers that they do not recognize. Some parents may be unsuspecting and they may not view any of the aforementioned information as being potentially harmful to reveal.

To learn more about how to avoid these scams and why revealing information about your child’s whereabouts on social media can be dangerous, it is time that we take a closer look at the video below. The FBI is here to assist us with all of our child protection needs. Be sure to heed all of the warnings that they are taking the time to provide!

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