Mom puts white vinegar in with her laundry for these unexpected benefits

If you walk into most homes, you will find a bottle of distilled white vinegar and while the majority of people rely on it for cooking related purposes, white vinegar can also be used when it is time to do laundry and a number of different benefits are provided.

This eco friendly and relatively inexpensive form of cleaning is one of the most effective laundry detergents currently available on the market and if you are not using it on your laundry on a consistent basis, there is no telling how many benefits you are missing out on as a result.

Not only will it keep all of your fabrics feeling nice and soft, but it keeps that “snuggly” feeling that our clothes tend to lose after multiple washes. It will also allow you to avoid one of the main laundering problem that serves as the bane our of collective existence: the much dreaded static cling.

White vinegar is a wonderful disinfectant and kills off all the unwanted germs and bacteria that have been known to collect on our clothes. Instead of using bleach when washing your clothes, simply add vinegar and watch the positive effects roll in. Color bleeding is also another problem that you can leave in the past by using vinegar.

When it comes to cleaning your clothes, there is nothing that vinegar can’t do. Our white clothes that typically become grittier over time can now be restored to the same level of freshness that they possessed when we originally purchased them, thanks to the awesome power of white vinegar.

Don’t be selfish and keep all of the vinegar related laundry hacks to yourself, though. Be sure to spread the love and share this story with your friends and family, so that they are also to enjoy the benefits that only white vinegar can provide.

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