Mom Shares The Dangers Of Letting Your Baby Sleep In Bed With You In Emotional Post

Snuggling with our babies is one of the best parts of being a parent. But did you know that the mere act of bringing our babies into our bed to sleep with us could place them in danger? While most of us know that we should not do this, it does not stop us from choosing to do so anyway. We may think that there is no harm being done but nothing could be further from the truth.

This mother has an unfortunate story to tell about her little boy. Six month old Colton’s parents were spending some time with friends when the child became sleepy. They surrounded him with pillows for protection and tucked him in for the night. Paige and Blake never could have expected what would happen next. All it took was a few moments for the child to roll out of the bed.

Since the bed is located just two feet off of the floor, they did not think that the child was badly injured. He had a bump on the noggin but he was crying and alert. His parents say that he even smiled during the ordeal. This placed their minds at ease initially. They still decided that they would take the child in for an evaluation to make sure that he was okay.

Unfortunately, the child was not fine. His skull had been fractured during the fall and this caused half of the blood volume of his entire body to formulate inside of his brain. Worst of all, none of the doctors who were responsible for working on the child’s ailments could let his parents know if they could expect for him to make it or not.

The child’s bleeding has escalated to the point where he had gone into cardiac arrest. The brain damage was enough to have become a permanent concern. If he survived the ordeal, he may still be a vegetable. At the present moment, the waiting game continues. He has been released from the hospital and is relying on a wide range of medications in the meantime.

His parents are sharing this story in hopes that other parents can avoid making the same mistake and we are appreciative. That is why it is important that we take the time to share this story with our friends and loved ones. If even one life is saved then we have done our job.


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