Mom Snaps Selfie From Dorm Room – Daughter Takes One Look And Knows She Made A Huge Mistake

If you are anything like the rest of us, you probably remember the horrors of moving away to go to college. Not only do we have to leave the safe haven of home but we are also forced to move several times over the course of our secondary education. McKenna Pilling’s story is a special one, though. She was in the process of finishing up a semester at Utah State University and was packing to head home.

Her mother Deanna was supposed to be assisting her with this process. When she decided that she would show up a day early to surprise her daughter, this is where the situation took a turn. She did not tell her daughter about the plan and this is a risk that she may not have wanted to take. When she arrived, McKenna was not in the dorm and Deanna thought nothing of it.

From the looks of it, most of the packing had already been done. Fortunately, McKenna had left the sheets on her bed so that Deanna could take a quick nap while she waited for her daughter to return. Once she got bored of waiting, she decided to take a selfie to send to her daughter to let her know that she had arrived and was waiting.

The bad news was soon to come. As it turns out, she was not even in the right dorm room! Poor McKenna. We cannot even imagine how nervous she must have been. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to have to apologize to one of your dorm neighbors because your mother elected to stop by and take a nap in their bed. Luckily, Deanna was able to find her way to the right dorm room eventually.

She is certainly lucky to have gotten through this ordeal without any major incidents taking place. The terror that we would have experienced as college students when we found a grown woman sleeping in our bed that we did not know would have been too much to bear. Here’s hoping that Deanna decides to think before attempting to surprise her daughter in the future.

Things definitely could have gone a lot worse. If this story made you laugh as hard as we did, please be sure to share it with your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate this tale of a dorm room meet up gone hilariously awry. Shout out to Deanna and McKenna for having such a good sense of humor about this.

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