Mom thought her neighbor was crazy for doing this, realizes it’s a genius gardening technique

Maintaining your garden can be a real challenge, but these amazing DIY tips will help you turn old kitchen items into the garden of your dreams!

12. Push a muffin tin into soil for well-spaced seeds and plants. You can start your digging once you turn it into a proper grid!


11. Use wine bottles to prevent kids from trampling your seedlings. They’re both attractive and functional if you stick them in the dirt neck first.


10. Your old silverware could find new life in your garden. First, use a hammer to flatten a spoon.


Now just add a little paint and you’ve got some amazingly cute and quirky garden signs!


9. Grab an empty can of soda and use a can opener to cut out the top like this…


Use any color you like to spray paint the can. Just make sure that you completely cover any text or logos.


Add soil, seeds, and watch them sprout! These work just as well on a windowsill as they do in a garden.


8. Fill an empty wine bottle with water, then quickly turn it over and put it in the soil. This is a great trick for when you’re going on vacation and want to make sure your plants get water.


7. An old sink could make a great rustic planter.


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