Mom Ugly Cries In McDonalds Drive-Thru After Hearing Nonverbal Autistic Daughter Speak 1st Word

Briana Blankenship has a daughter named Taylor; Taylor is five and was diagnosed as “nonverbal” on the autism spectrum. Unlike most parents who can look forward to their children hitting certain milestones like taking their first steps or saying their first words, Briana doesn’t have that hope. Taylor may understand some of what’s said, but she doesn’t communicate through speech.

Incredibly, something amazing occurred one day in the McDonald’s drive-through. Briana shared this story with the Love what Matters Facebook page.

“I am ugly crying in the McDonald’s parking lot, and the employees probably think I’m crazy. In the  drive-thru, I suddenly heard Taylor say ‘MAMA.

“For those of you that don’t know, Taylor is five and is nonverbal autistic. She has NEVER said a  word. EVER.”

“As soon as she said it I grabbed my phone and started recording. I’m pretty sure I held up the drive-thru line, but there was no way I wasn’t getting proof of this.

“I can’t explain how unbelievably grateful and ecstatic I am right now.”

Sometimes life throws surprises our way when we least expect them. It sounds like Briana needed this from Taylor at this exact moment. Watch the video below and prepare to be awed.

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