Mom Writes Brutally Honest Facebook Post To A Mom Who Let Her Kids Pet Her Service Dog

Generally speaking kids and dogs go well together.  When raising kids it’s almost a necessity to also be raising a dog.

What some people don’t understand is that some furry friends actually have a very important job to do.  Not that playing fetch, giving snuggles and kisses aren’t important but we are talking about service dogs.  Some work for the police, others patrol the airports sniffing for drugs, and still others perform critical services for their owners.

This was the case for Laura Joos, whose service dog Polly is life line.  Her duty is to her master’s health, sensing her vitals and letting her know if things are becoming dangerous, every single day!

But Polly can’t do her job while strangers are petting and talking to her.  Even if they are well-intentioned strangers who are just trying to play with her.  This is the exact scenario that happened in a department store not long ago.   Laura took the opportunity to tell her story on Facebook she also gave a message to everyone.

As you can see Polly is in her service dog vest, so no matter how cute she is no one should approach her while she is in her vest.

Now this is no ordinary story of someone petting a service animal as you will see this situation was completely different and quite alarming.

She had experienced this same thing in many public places, but usually the parent makes the announcement that “look that doggy is in a vest that means he’s working we can’t touch!”

That’s when the scariest thing happened.  Just as she was about to pass by:


If you haven’t had to deal with a situation like this you may not understand how scary it truly was.  But with any dog not just service dogs if they are hit (especially by a stranger) they may lash out.

Polly was such a good girl she didn’t miss a beat.  She just scurried by and continued doing her job.

She was trying to teach everyone about what it means to her to have a service dog and how she relies on her.

With all of that going on no wonder the Mom didn’t get a piece of her mind right there in the store.

She goes on to say that all she wanted was a little R E S P E C T…

She closes the letter as one mom to another:

As you can expect the comments just rolled in.  Advocates, supporters and animal lovers all showing support for Laura and Polly.

Pit bulls always get a bad rap, even when doing their job!

One things my kids knew from an early age was to never approach a dog you don’t know without permission and if you see they have a vest you smile and continue on your way they are working!

Today more then ever it is important to understand the roles of service animals and to teach children of all ages the proper way to behave.  Remember a dog whether in a service vest or not is NEVER  a child’s toy or punching bag.


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