Mom’s Gender Reveal Photoshoot Goes Viral Cause Of Surprise Twist No One Saw Coming

While there are many who are participating in gender reveal parties, there are those who are less than pleased about their existence. When Gracie Gonzalez found a litter of puppies that had been abandoned by the railroad tracks, this Texas woman knew that she would need to take them in. Once she posted about the dogs on her Facebook account, she caught the attention of a photographer by the name of Carlye Allen.

Allen forwarded Gracie’s post to her friend. Allen’s friend and her husband were looking for a rescue pup to call their own. Carlye believed that one of Gracie’s puppies would serve as the perfect addition to the family. She and her friend were so excited to meet up to make the exchange that Allen drove two hours in order to deliver the puppy. As for the friend? They were willing to take on a three hour drive to make this union happen.

As a photographer, Allen is prone to bursts of creativity. She came up with the perfect idea: she would have a gender reveal photo shoot with the dog and her new mother, Joy. Joy even decided to surprise her husband by not telling him about the photo shoot. We can only imagine how many beats his heart must have skipped when he saw the results of this brainstorming session.

Joy just so happened to be working as a hostess at a shower the day before the shoot took place. This is why she had some extra balloons and a helium tank at the ready. Once she realized that her friend was also on board with the idea, Joy took to her backyard and started snapping photos. The puppy was taken home not long after and her husband was thrilled to meet their new family member.

The family considers themselves to be avid fans of the Dallas Cowboys and the Star Wars franchise. The dog was named Rey Dakota Stone as a tribute to both of their areas of fandom. We would like to take this time to congratulate this family on their new addition. We also hope that this father did not have a heart attack when he was subjected to this clever (yet scary) gender reveal party.

In a world where gender reveal parties are often the subject of some controversy, it is important to remember that they are simply a way for new parents to express their joy. This is a great twist on an awesome tradition.

Posted by Photographed by Carlye Allen on Sunday, May 6, 2018

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