After Months Of Silence, Kathie Lee Finally Confesses What We’ve All Been Suspecting

There are times when we need to just turn inward and focus on ourselves. Particularly after losing loved ones; these losses can test our faith and belief that there is something more after we die.

Kathie Lee Gifford has never shied away from sharing details about her career, personal life, and devotion to God. But things changed after her dear husband Frank Gifford and mother Joan Epstein died two years apart; Frank’s death was sudden. Cathie turned inward to help heal.

After experiencing such terrible losses,  the days felt longer and harder for Kathie lee. She turned to her faith for support and solace. Finally, she did an interview where she’s opened up about the recent challenges she’s faced these last few years.

Kathie Lee has faced adversity throughout her life. Like most who want to break into the entertainment industry, she was told she’d never make it. Her 29-year marriage to Frank also had its problems. But the two of them wanted to make it work.

Kathie Lee was devastated when she found her husband’s body one beautiful August morning in 2015. His death crushed her, but Kathie Lee felt at peace imagining him with God in the Kingdom of heaven.

She told the “I Am Second” crew: “On a beautiful Sunday morning, I found my husband passed on to Heaven… He saw Jesus and Jesus  took his breath away.”

She turned to her mother and children for strength and support. Two short years later, her mother joined frank in heaven.

Loneliness overwhelmed Kathie Lee; her children had their own lives. They lived too far away for regular visits.

“My biggest struggle at this point of my life is loneliness. I’ve lost my parents, my husband is gone now, and my children live far away from me. I still live in the same big house where we made a  gazillion million memories. And there are times when I am overwhelmed by loneliness.”

Kathie Lee is strong enough in her faith to know that God will get her through anything. He is always on her side. Knowing her loved ones are in a better place and she will see them again one day helps lend her a feeling of comfort.

Maybe with Kathie Lee’s willingness to share her grief and how she copes will aid others facing their own tough times. Hopefully, she’ll give others the strength to overcome their obstacles.

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