Mother Dog And Puppies Found Tied Up In Sack In The Middle Of Nowhere

If you’re like most people, you cannot fathom how someone could be senselessly cruel to an animal. They’re defenseless and rely on us for their care. Their well-being is our responsibility and it’s one that should never be taken lightly. And if you’ve ever had a dog, you know how desperately they want to please their humans and love us to no end.

And that’s still not good enough for hundreds of people who get some sort of sick satisfaction out of abusing, neglecting, and abandoning animals. Any shelter volunteer you meet would probably have many stories of unbelievable cruelty and neglect on hand.

That’s what makes what happened to this mother dog and her babies truly unconscionable. Some cruel human being tied her and her pups in a sack and left them to die in the middle of nowhere.

As you can see, if Josiane Almeida hadn’t come upon the dog on this rural dirt road, the poor pup and her babies would’ve died.

Mom was not struggling to get out, implying that she had already given up on life and was waiting to die, unable to move from the sack. Fortunately, rescuers spent some time gaining her trust so that they could save her.

Here’s what Almeida said under the video she posted of the rescue:

One of the worst abuse scenes I’ve ever seen! If you don’t have strength, don’t look! Sick Mother with puppies tied in a bag and thrown in the middle of nowhere! He’s been there a long time. Dizzy and weak puppies due to lack of air and mother bleeding a lot! How Cowardly! What a sin but God will charge this I am sure! Watch till the end! 
Check out the entire ordeal in the video below, but be warned. The footage is hard to watch.

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