Nobody Can Figure Out What Breed This Mystery Puppy Is

When Blossom the dog was left at an animal shelter in Los Angeles, the staff members were on hand were completely befuddled. Since the dog was totally bald, they did not know what to make of her. Was she experiencing mange? Perhaps she was in the midst of dealing with allergies? They did not have the resources on hand to do the proper testing and this made the process even more difficult.

All she could do is wait inside of her kennel and hope that someone would be willing to take a chance on her eventually. Gretchen was in the process of browsing through various shelter websites and when she came across Blossom, she knew that she could not leave the dog to suffer. Something deep inside of Gretchen’s heart told her that this was the dog that she was always looking for.

The shelter photo that had been posted depicted a pitiful and sweet animal that was simply in need of a little bit of love. Gretchen did not know who else was going to be crazy enough to take on the task of caring for this dog. As a San Diego resident, she needed to reach out to the Precious Pals Pet Rescue to find out more about their willingness to pull the animal from their shelter.

They agreed immediately and brought her to the vet’s office to receive a much needed check up before arriving at her new home. The poor pup was in bad shape when she first made her way to Gretchen’s house but after a month of assistance, she is feeling much better now. She remains bald, though. Her new family cannot quite seem to figure out why this is the case.

If her baldness is being caused by allergies, there is a good chance that her hair may remain naturally at a certain point. The fact that they do not know what breed of dog that she also plays a role in their ability to get to the bottom of this mystery. It is believed that she had hair in the past and she has regrown some of it since being adopted by Gretchen.

All her new family knows for sure is that she is a sweet and affectionate animal. She may have had a rough beginning to her life but she is not allowing these tough times to keep her from being a loving pet. Blossom loves affection and is said to be quite the lap dog! Please be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones so that they can appreciate the story of Blossom.

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