Nobody can figure out what this tool is for


The tool that you are about to see has caused a major stir on social media recently, especially among all of the weekend warriors and do it yourself enthusiasts out there. While this tool was once very common and some of our older readers might be able to recognize it, there are many readers who are not going to be able to do so.


This tool was posted with a tag that asked if people remembered it and by the looks of most comment sections, they did not. Even those who thought that they had a good guess were way off base and for those of us who do remember this tool, we were provided with a very good laugh.


Many of the guesses seemed to focus on the idea of this tool being used for gardening. It is a good guess, for sure, but not exactly the truth. It is actually a lucky guess, because the tool is used for gardening, but the majority of the people who responded to the question are unable to tell you what it is actually used for once you have begun your work.


It is also not used for the opening of shellfish or clams, either, which was another very common guess that was ventured by those who responded to this question.


Okay, we are done trying to build up anticipation and while some of our more intrepid readers may have guessed which tool this is, we are here to tell those who are still unsure that they are looking at an oil spout.


Were you able to successfully identify this tool or did you struggle like the majority of us? If so, please share this story with your closest friends and family members, so that you can test their level of knowledge and say if they are as learned as you are!

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