Nostril Hair Extensions Are The Latest Beauty Trend And We Can’t Even

Now that the topics of feminism and activism have become a regular part of our daily discourse, the topic of female body hair has also made its way into the discussion. Women are now more inclined to make bold statements, showing off their fuzzy legs and underarms with no shame or guilt. Not to be outdone, the women of Instagram are taking these trends to the next level.

Instagram has always been well known for being the epicenter of certain trends. Hairy nostrils are the latest innovation. The look is created by utilizing two fake eyelashes to create nostril hair extensions. If you already wondering why this is becoming a thing, you are definitely not alone. The trend began as a joke and has since become far more serious.

Women everywhere have joined in on the trend, completely unaware of its more satirical origins. Davison Video, a popular YouTube comedy personality, even created a video tutorial to help women who are trying to pull off the look. Davison even wonders if nipple hair is going to become the next trend for women who are looking to express themselves in a certain way.

This look is rather experimental by nature and is probably not likely to become popular in the mainstream. With winter just around the corner, some women may choose to adopt this look for more practical purposes. In a world where beauty trends are constantly evolving, we guess that it was only a matter of time before the nostrils got a makeover.

Now that nostril hair extensions have become a viable fashion trend, we cannot help but to share Davison’s sentiments. What is going to be next? Will women start to let the peach fuzz on their face grow out? Maybe they will start to wear furry teeth? The beauty industry never stops innovating and we look forward to finding out more about what they have in store for us next.

Paris Jackson has become one of the main leaders of the furry movement. She recently turned heads at the MTV Video Music Awards by showing off her hairy legs and armpits. If you would like to learn more about this trend, be sure to check out the informative video below. You are sure to enjoy this entertaining round table about the latest beauty trends. Take a moment to share this clip with your closest friends and loved ones.


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