Nurse Warns About A New Flu Symptom That Most Parents Have Never Seen

Now that the flu season is currently upon us, there are a number of people who find themselves struggling with various symptoms. The flu has become so widespread that various hospitals are struggling to house all of the people who have been affected. There are even entire schools that have shut down just because the vast majority of the student body is affected.

While most of us would probably like to believe that we are fully aware of the symptoms that we need to be the lookout for, there are a wide range of symptoms that may elude the average person. That is why this nurse has taken the time to craft a Facebook post that is designed to assist parents in need. Knowing what symptoms to look for is important to the health of our little ones during the flu season.

Brodi is a registered nurse and she is also a mother. She decided to issue a warning to all of her fellow parents on her Facebook page and this message is a vital one. Parents whose children have developed hives may be under the false impression that these hives are unrelated to the flu that they are experiencing. In reality, the opposite is true.

Brodi is speaking from a place of personal experience. Her son recently came home with a hive breakout and when he was tested, it was discovered that he contracted the flu. Each time he scratched the itchy hives, more continued to appear. Even after Brodi gave him a bath and swapped out his clothes for fresh ones, nothing about his condition actually changed.

The single most frightening part of this story is that the child did not have any other flu symptoms to speak of. All he had were the hives and parents everywhere should definitely take heed of Brodi’s message. That’s why we all need to keep a close eye on our children and make sure that we are ignoring a seemingly obvious sign of distress.

The post has shared hundreds of thousands of times since and readers should definitely be taking the time to pass it along to their closest friends and loved ones. Parents should remain vigilant when it comes to the presence of hives on their children’s skin. Even if they are not accompanied by any other flu symptoms, the arrival of the virus could be imminent.

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