Obese Blind Woman Suffering From Depression Loses 240 Pounds – See Her Transformation

While losing weight might be challenging for some, the prospect of giving up is even worse. Sandi recently experienced this paradox firsthand. She is now using her experiences as a means of inspiring others. Sandi allowed her weight to balloon to a dangerous level and decided that it was finally time to do something about it. At her heaviest, she tipped the scales at over 400 pounds.

Once she decided that it was time to change her lifestyle, the results were dramatic. By the time she reached a point where she was no longer able to leave the house in the manner she was accustomed to, she knew that she needed to make alterations. Sandi was hopelessly addicted to eating and found solace in periodic binges. She also has medical conditions that keep her from being able to exercise as she should.

She is also legally blind and would be fighting an uphill battle to get herself into the proper shape. Sandi had the willpower necessary to conquer these demons and she is now reaping the benefits of all her hard work. Once she decided that she was not going to be stopped, there was nothing that could stand in her way and we are inspired by her efforts.

Instead of being the girl that was afraid to leave the house because she was scared of what other people would think, she became the girl that others looked up to. She got started by counting her calories and going for walks on an everyday basis. From there, she was able to lose enough weight to receive the gastric bypass surgery that she so desperately needed.

After spending all of that time struggling to find a way out of her predicament, Sandi finally made a way for herself. She started this weight loss journey and refused to quit until she reached her goals. No matter how many times she fell down, she resolved that she would get right back up and keep going. This is a mentality that we could all stand to learn from.

She has now lost 240 pounds and has gone down several dress sizes as well. Sandi went from wearing a 5X dress and is now rocking a women’s medium instead. The photos of her transformation are almost too insane to believe but they are a testament to what can take place if you are truly willing to work hard. Please share this story as a means of encouraging others today.

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