Obese Woman Sheds Nearly 130 Pounds After Making Two Simple Changes To Her Lifestyle

The holiday season can cause a number of us to overindulge. All of the sweets and eggnog tend to add up. Once the revelry has concluded, we are left with an unwanted spare time that will not go away. If you have decided to lose a few pounds in the new year, Laura is here to serve as your inspiration. She recently tipped the scales at over 300 pounds.

This amount of weight is incredibly unhealthy for a 22 year old to be carrying around. The excess girth had caused her to develop a number of medical conditions that threatened her very existence. Laura would need to make some serious changes to her lifestyle if she was going to live to see 30. She knew that her current way of living simply had to stop.

While some might believe that she would have to make a series of wholesale changes, Laura only needed to make a couple of alterations to her lifestyle. She had initially planned to simply shed enough weight to qualify for a weight loss surgery. This plan changed once she began the process of doing the work to get thinner on her own.

Processed foods and alcohol were cut out of her diet. These two simple changes had a far greater effect than anyone could have ever possibly expected. She also exercised for five days a week and this is important to remember for anyone who thinks that they can lose weight with diet alone. After a relatively short period of time, Laura began to see some wonderful results.

Laura soon realized that going under the knife was taking the easy way out. All she needed to do was stay the course and continue to exercise and eat right. The statuesque woman has been inspired by her experiences and has created a site that is dedicated to fitness known as The Iron Giantess. It is safe to say that it is much easier for this six foot beauty to carry 180 pounds instead of 315.

The Iron Giantess is now here to provide us with a peek behind the curtain. She shed the bulk of the weight in under a year and is offering a closer look at her process. We are glad to see that she is taking the proper steps to share her story with the rest of the world. Be sure to pass it along!

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