If You Own One Of These 7 Beanie Babies? You’re In The Money!

This story serves as a valuable reminder that we simply never know what we may have in our basements that is of great value. Beanie Babies first came about in 1993 and by 1995, they had become a smash hit toy and a major collectible item. Since limited amounts were produced of each toy, people rushed to get their hands on each set.

The Peace beanie differs from bear to bear in color and configuration, which has made each one extremely valuable because of how unique they all are. There are also dozens of variations in the tags, pellet type and origin country. This doll could sell for as high as $30,000.

The Claude the Crab beanie, a tie-dyed doll released in 1997, has been selling online for up to $10,000 in less-than-mint condition. One of these sold online was listed by a seller who claimed it was actually worth $100,000.

Millennium the Bear was released in 1999 in celebration of the forthcoming millennium, and is extremely valuable depending on which one you have. There are spelling mistakes on the swing and tush tags of some of these bears, and depending on which error you’ve got yours might be worth as much as $5,000.

Employee Beanie Baby was given to employees of Ty, Inc. in 1997, and it has since become a sought after collectible for fans. Some even go as high as $1,600. An authentic Employee bear will have either a 1993 or 1995 red and white 2nd generation label on it.

The Coral Casino Beanie Baby was an extremely rare bear that only saw a run of 588 produced. These bears were particularly unique because they were numbered and signed by creator Ty Warner. One of these bears went for $760 on eBay.

The Peanut Beanie Baby, which was released in 1995, came in both royal and light blue. There are counterfeit versions around, so it’s important to know what to look for – most notably, a black and white label on the royal blue edition. One authentic royal blue Peanut went for $395 on eBay.

Humphrey Beanie Baby is a particularly difficult one to sell because there are so many counterfeit versions. Authentic versions reportedly have a black and white label dated 1993. This bear, The Sun reported, was the first to retire, and is currently worth as much as $333.

Please take the time to share, you and your loved ones just might be sitting on gold! Check out eBay to get pricing and sell yours!

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