Orangutan Tries Desperately To Stop Excavator From Destroying His Home

What would you do if somebody was trying to destroy your home? Most of us would fight to our dying breath to make sure that they weren’t successful. It seems as if humans are not the only ones who feel this way but even those in the animal world are desperate to save their homes as well. If you have any question in your mind as to what I’m discussing, they will be erased when you see this amazing video.

Unfortunately, this is a scene that is happening more and more frequently as the forests of the world are being decimated in most locations. The excavator is quickly destroying the trees in the area when suddenly, an orangutan jumps down onto a large truck and tries to stop them from destroying the trees any further. He isn’t using any type of weapon, but doing it with his bare hands!

At first, he tries to grab onto the metal of the machine that is causing the destruction but he only falls into the trees that are now laying on the forest floor. The rain continues to come down but he is desperate to get back up and attempt saving his home once again. As you look at the scene in the background, however, you realize that his attempt is futile because the entire forest has been destroyed.

Screenshot: YouTube Video

Then again, perhaps this fight is not so futile after all. Although he may not have been successful at saving his own home this day, this powerful video is now circulating and may just be a catalyst that helps to save homes for other orangutans and many others in the animal kingdom.

This scene was caught on video by the International Animal Rescue (IAR). It occurred in West Kalimantan, Indonesia as a construction crew was destroying part of the Sungai Putri Forest. This is a forest that many animals call home, including an endangered species, the Bornean orangutan.

This is only one instance of the many times that the scenes play out around the world every year. IAR had the following to say about the video: “Unfortunately, scenes like this are becoming more and more frequent in Indonesia. Deforestation has caused the orangutan population to plummet; habitats are destroyed and orangutans are left to starve and die.”

According to an investigation carried out by Greenpeace Indonesia, numerous logging settlements exist illegally near this forest. The logging takes place at night for the most part and in areas where the mother orangutans build their nests and raise their babies.

Bornean orangutans have lost a lot of their habitat since the 1970s because of these illegal logging operations. If they try to return to the land where their home was destroyed, they run the risk of being shot because it is turned into a palm plantation.

The director of IAR in Indonesia had the following to say: “Sungai Putri is home to one of the largest populations in the world and we are at a critical point for the Bornean orangutan. Without forests like this, they can’t survive.”

Work is being done to conserve the land but the efforts may be too little, too late. As the forest continue to be destroyed to make way for development, these orangutans need the help of the world to save their forest home.

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