Paedophile Who Abused 5-year-Old Boy Is Found Dead In His Prison Cell Weeks Into His Sentence

When it comes to pedophilia, there is absolutely zero tolerance of these types of crimes. A pedophile who is sent to prison is at risk of being injured or killed by inmates who do not take kindly to these behaviors. This is a lesson that was driven home for one man, who is now dead after being sent to an Oxfordshire prison following a pedophilia conviction.

He had sexually abused a young boy several times over the course of 18 months. Daniel Davey is said to have abused the boy in a sexual manner at least six times. The one time McDonald’s employee was sentenced on the 1st of December. It took less than six weeks before he was found dead in his cell. The Prison Service Ombudsman is currently investigating Daniel’s death.

The abuse was not uncovered until the little boy went to his mother to tell her about “something dirty” that he had been involved. Once the police were contacted, the boy’s underwear was submitted for testing. Tests showed that Daniel’s DNA was present on the child’s underwear and charges were filed shortly after. Witnesses also provided further information about his proclivities.

One eyewitnesses alleged that Daniel’s computer had images of children on it that were of a sexual nature. Daniel was confronted about the image and claimed that it had been sent to him as a prank. This flimsy story fell apart under further scrutiny. The fact that he had made sure to dispose of the computer entirely before his arrest took place only served to make him look even more guilty.

The case went to trial. Daniel denied all of the allegations that were being levied against him but it was to no avail. A third charge had been filed against him for fondling a young boy’s backside and this one was dropped. He was convicted of the others and sentenced to over six years in prison. His sentence also required him to register as a sex offender.

This story may come as little solace to some. We hope and pray that the victims of Daniel’s sordid behaviors are able to enjoy some much needed peace of mind. No child ever deserves to have their innocence snatched away by an adult who cannot control base urges that are related to their deviancy. The world is a better place without Daniel and all of the other men who are just like him.

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