Panther Sneaks Up Ready To Pounce, But It’s The Man Who Catches It Off Guard

Eduardo Serio was just minding his own business one day when suddenly, something big and powerful began stalking him from behind. But as the black, sleek animal got ready to pounce, Serio turned around and laughed, completely unbothered by the predator lunging at him. In fact, he was the one who caught the creature off guard…and kissed it?

YouTube / CNN

That’s because Serio is well-acquainted with the seemingly terrifying panther, as its one of many residents at Black Jaguar White Tiger, the “sanctuary” he founded in Mexico. He regularly touches, plays with, and even hugs the big cats he cares for, including panthers, lions, and tigers.

Black Jaguar White Tiger

Since Serio opened the facility, controversy has surrounded it regarding where he gets the big cats from and how he handles them. He claims he helps raise rescued cubs and then reestablishes them in a pride within his sanctuary walls, but others aren’t convinced he’s actually helping them. Learn more about Serio, Black Jaguar White Tiger, and the legitimate concerns regarding the facility in the video below.


What are your thoughts on this facility and how Serio handles his big cats? Do you think these animals should go to legitimate sanctuaries, or are people reading too much into this?

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