Parents Get Charged $132,000 After Their Son Knocks Over A Glass Sculpture While ‘Hugging It’

Parents who do not always do the best job of keeping an eye on their child in public places would do well to read on and learn more about this story. Dealing with a child who likes to cause havoc is one thing. This story is quite another entirely. Most children might knock over a display or bump into a stranger. What this child did will have you pulling your own hair out.

The events that took place in this instance left two parents holding the bag for a $132,000 art bill. This is what happens when you do not take the time to watch your child. Tomahawk Ridge Community Center was the setting for the carnage. Little Troy was running about without the proper supervision when he decided that he was going to hug a sculpture. We’re guessing that he must have assumed that it was bolted into the ground.

This is the part where we let you know that the sculpture was clearly not bolted down. The little boy tried his best to return the sculpture to the proper position but he was not successful. The incident took place at a wedding reception and it did not take long before his parents were being hold responsible for it. By the time the glass mosaic hit the ground, his parents were being asked for their information.

An insurance company sent them a letter to let them know that they were responsible for the damages to the sculpture. Even if it was just a momentary distraction, this family remains culpable for what took place. Meanwhile, the family is fighting back against these charges and claiming that there should have been more protective casing around the sculpture. They also noted the lack of signage to warn people away.

According to Troy’s family, he has been having nightmares about the experience as well. The city is filing an insurance claim and they need to reimbursed. The piece was given to the city as a loan and someone is responsible for replacing it. The public made an investment in the sculpture and this is an investment that is going to need protection.

The city is now left with a massive bill that needs to be paid off as quickly as possible and this family is going to have to help out. At the moment, no one knows how this money is going to be paid back and this is one story that is far from over.

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