Why Parent’s Are Putting Doorstops In Their Children’s Backpacks

Well, this is where we are, folks. We now need to come up with hacks not only to make cooking and cleaning easier, but also to keep our children alive in a country that values gun rights more than a child’s right to go to school without getting shot and leaving in a body bag.

We can say we’re not “being political” all you want, but this is a political issue since the NRA owns Republican members of Congress. The people in charge of politics don’t much care that kids are dying. The fact that we are now in a time when we need online hacks to save children’s lives from school shooters makes me want to set my hair on fire.

So, you want to know what the hack is? It honestly seems like it would work, but I’m truly ashamed that it’s come down to us as citizens to battle a systemic issue like this.

Put a rubber doorstop in your child’s backpack.

I know, I know. It sounds wild. But according to security experts, this little trick could buy your child and a whole classroom full of children precious minutes to either divert the shooter or escape through an alternate exit or window.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, one aunt wrote on Facebook about how she gave her nieces doorstops to keep in their bags at all times.

After the Sandy Hook shooting, I gave both my nieces this little doorstop to always keep in their backpacks. It truly pained me when I handed it to them, and I didn’t want to scare them, but it was out of love and they understood.

If a gunman shoots out the door lock it will still keep the door from opening and may just buy you some time. I’m really sad posting this but a security expert shared this tip with me so I wanted to pass it on. I pray no one ever has to use it.

Crazy, right? But it really sounds like it may be effective. It’s truly, truly unfortunate that our kids have to endure school shooter drills instead of getting to focus on what they deserve: being kids. I sincerely hope that the government wakes up and realize that something must be done to slow this violence down. What do you think? Will you equip your kids with a doorstop from now on?

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