Parrot Challenges His Bird Buddy To A Dance-Off, Even Their Owners Couldn’t Stop LOL

Watching animals dance is an activity that we are simply never going to get tired of. There are a number of animals out there who possess a great deal of rhythm. In our humble opinion, these animals do not have anything on the parrots in this story. Sadie and Jonathan have put on their boogie shoes and are ready to strut their stuff. We even love their choice of song.

Their dance is set to the strains of Haddaway’s seminal classic “What Is Love” and most will know it as the song that was used in the classic Will Ferrell Roxbury sketches on Saturday Night Live. Once the music begins to play in the background and their heads start to bob, we are unable to contain our peals of laughter from ringing out. This is one of the funniest clips that we have ever seen.

The parrots appear to be bobbing their head because of the music. According to bird watching experts, the parrots may also be bobbing their heads because they are hungry. When birds bob their heads during moments when music is not playing, this is their way of letting their parents know that they are in need of food immediately.

That’s why the behavior is able to transfer seamlessly into the daily activities of domestic birds. Not only are they able to use their head bobbing to receive yummy treats from their humans but they are also given the chance to earn rewards in other ways. The parrots in this clip have clearly figured out the game and they are more than happy to show us how they get down.

Fortunately for us, we are given the chance to enjoy their hilarious antics on camera. These two pals are loving the beat and this bird mother can barely contain her excitement. It will be as tough for you to suppress your laughter as it is for the woman recording the clip. We hope that this is not the last of the dance parties for Jonathan and Sadie.

In order to see these awesome dance moves for yourself, be sure to check out this clip. Once you have seen these two and gotten the same kick out of them that we did, it is time to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones. They are sure to appreciate this hilarious video!

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