People Are Calling This Is The Scariest Bridge In America And It’s Terrifying

I remember what it was like to be young and get nervous when we were faced with the prospect of driving over a bridge that looked super scary. While most of us were able to get over this fear as we grew older, there are some of us who retained this phobia well into old age.

These feats of engineering wizardry are a sight to behold and even those who pride themselves on not being scared of heights might find themselves reticent to cross this bridge, which is known as one of the most frightening in all of America (and for very good reason!)

Those who reside on the east coast are probably already aware of the bridge that we are talking about and the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is a true sight to behold no matter how you may feel about it from a fear standpoint. If you have never had the pleasure of crossing this amazing bridge, you are definitely missing out in life!

This bridge is four miles long and according to estimates, it rises up to 200 feet above the waters in which it is positioned upon. Did you know that this bridge is actually shut down on days when the winds become too much for drivers to handle? After all, the last thing anyone wants is to see someone killed while crossing this engineering masterpiece.

The thrill seeking readers out there are definitely going to want to give this bridge a try and those who are a little more reticent may find themselves wondering what the appeal of such a scary looking bridge is supposed to be. Both of these sentiments are 100 percent understandable!

Thanks to this amazing video, you now have the chance to experience this astonishing structure without even having to leave your home. Be sure to pass this incredible video along to your closest friends and family members, so that they take in the experience for themselves.

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