People Can’t Get Over How Ripped Liam And Chris Hemsworth’s Dad Is

You would have to be living under a rock not to know who the Hemsworth brothers are. Chris and Liam are two of the hottest stars in Hollywood and we mean this in both a literal and figurative sense. Luke has also began to make a name for himself. You may not be aware of their father but this is something that is about to change. The apple certainly did not fall too far from the tree in this instance.

That’s right. Their father is just as ripped as his sons and the Internet is losing their collective minds as a result. We simply cannot get over his physique and once you take a closer look? You will know exactly where we are coming from. Apparently, everyone in the family has the same rippled physique. Now that social media users have gotten to take a peek, they are all in awe.

The world learned of Craig Hemsworth when his son Liam decided to post an adorable family photo. They were climbing a mountain and enjoying a family hike. This is one tight knit family and their connection is evident. There are not many sons who would proudly show off their dad on their Instagram feed and some might be surprised to find that these brothers are not always living a life of glitz and glamour.

The brothers regularly make their way back home to Australia to spend quality time with their parents. This is all well and good but social media users were really more enraptured with Craig’s massive biceps. We cannot say that we blame them. The comments that the family received must have made this family’s patriarch smile wide.

Some of the Instagram users found themselves in a total state of disbelief. This is one flawless family and we certainly find ourselves more than a little bit jealous. Even their mother Leonie is a stone cold stunner. Leonie has been referred to as Liam and Chris’ sister because of her youthful looks and we would like to know this family’s secret for aging this well.

This beautiful family definitely deserves to be shared with a wider audience. We simply cannot get over how beautiful they are and we wish Craig and Leonie all of the best when it comes to their newfound online fame. Please be sure to pass this story along to all of the Hemsworth fanatics in your life.

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