People Just Figured Out Where They Know ‘The Good Doctor’ From And They’re Freaking Out

If you’ve been watching the latest television show to cause a stir, you’re familiar with Dr. Shaun Murphy of the Good Doctor. Murphy is a resident surgeon living with autism and savant syndrome. The Good Doctor has brought autism to the fore of the mainstream media. Freddie Highmore, a British actor, has been nominated with a Golden Globe for his portrayal of Murphy.

But if Highmore seems familiar to you, he’s been in the industry for years. He’s proved himself to be an actor who can tackle diverse roles.

To the surprise of some on social media, they realized where they’d seen Highmore before. Someone on Twitter said: “Started watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because why not? I saw @Freddie Highmore’s name in the opening credits and put two and two together. #mindblown”

Another Twitter user wrote, “Just in case I wasn’t the only one unaware,  Freddie Highmore is not only Norman Bates and Dr. Shaun Murphy but also is Charlie Bucket from  Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Highmore also acted alongside Depp in Finding Neverland. His role as Depp’s son really put Highmore on the map and got him recognition. He also appeared in several films like The Spiderwick Chronicles, August Rush, and a voice acting role in The Golden Compass.

He had important voice parts in the Arthur And  The Great Adventure and its two subsequent sequels. Another role which showed his versatility was that of Norman Bates in the acclaimed series, Bates Motel.

What an eclectic career. For fans of The Good Doctor, the show has been renewed for a second season.

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