This Is Why Some People Have That Lump On Their Wrist

We all experience those times when we notice something different on our bodies, especially our hands.  Usually, bruises and bumps we find on our palms, wrists, and fingers are due to some sort of trauma to those areas like a bug bit, a callous or a fall.

In those circumstances the bumps are usually healed with in a few days,  where as bumps on your wrists can be caused by a more serious condition. These types of bumps are referred to as hygroma (‘ganglion cyst’ as you might have heard before.)

While the look is similar to that of a bruise caused by a bug bite or a blister from physical work, a ganglion cyst is actually neither of these.

When these ganglion cysts start out they are normally benign and form as a small capsule or cyst.  These types of bumps are not superficial and should not be ignored.

There are numerous areas near the wrist where one of these ganglion cyst can begin to surface.  Normally they appear on the surface of you hand in the center or close to the thumb.  They usually feel soft to the touch.

A hygroma can stem from a wide variety of causes and doctors could have a difficult time determining the reason why one may have developed on your wrist.

There have been some scenarios where these bumps have been thought to occur due to a recent injury or fracture that never healed properly.  Injuries such as this usually heal on their own without surgery or medication.

But worst case scenario, a ganglion cyst could stem from a degenerative illness which normally occurs in the elderly. When these conditions appear they can effect the joints near the wrist and cause inflammation in the soft tissue surrounding it.

Other cases show of hygromas can stem from repetitive wrist movement, such as those that work on computers everyday, or use levers repeatedly the whole day in their workplace.

Due to the differences in cysts there are many different symptom.  Your doctor is relying on you to relay that information to procure a diagnosis.

One of the most heard symptom is that the hygroma is making it difficult to move the affected joint.

The growth rate of the bump varies from patient to patient, and can even change in the same patient during the course of which the patient has noticed it.

Good news for those who happen to have a ganglion cyst, it can not turn into a cancerous tumor and can be removed easily by a surgeon without any other side effects

More than likely a bump on your wrist has been caused by a degenerative illness but is less likely if you are fit and healthy.

So now you know a bump on your wrist 99% of the time is usually nothing to worry about and easily cured.

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