People Are Sharing What You Should Accomplish By 35 And It’s Hilarious

Are your parents telling you how much better you could be doing, because at your age they had a better handle on their finances, were married, or bought a house.  Well you aren’t alone!

According to CNBC, millennials have less money saved in he bank, own fewer homes and are in more debt then any other generation before them.

If you didn’t feel bad already articles like this that say by age 35, you should have twice your salary in your savings make you feel hopeless.

I think it’s fair to say that most adults no matter what their age isn’t even close to having double their salary in a savings account.  So relax millennials life is a marathon not a sprint.

Many millennials started writing about what 35 year olds should actually have by the time they reach the ripe old age of 35.  They are vividly relatable. Some are so on point that you would think these people were in your house.


Even in your bedroom…

There were those that got just too real.

I mean way too real

some were even terrifying, quite frankly.

Then of course there is your career, this will have you in tears.

These thoughts have crossed your mind once or twice.

More than likely we will never need these files, but why bother deleting them?  It’s actually comforting.

A book?  What’s that anyway.

Friendships start to look different too.

You make these plans but never keep them.

Well if she can do it, so can you!

I mean who doesn’t have this in place at an early age.

At 35 you know streaming is cheaper then cable but doesn’t it add up?

35 years old you have the things you like, it just the way it is.

You also have great intentions but this guy tells it like it is

But this one may just be what all of us wanted to hear!

There isn’t a magic formula or number that we can throw out so you know you are on track by age 35. What you should do is set goals work to achieve those goals.  NOT someone elses goals.  You should work on them all day everyday. That’s the key to being 35.

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