Pit Bull is spared from euthanasia after police discover he rescued two children

Pit bulls often get a bad rap in the animal community, as many consider them to brutish beasts who are incapable of behaving properly in modern society. They are thought to be murderous and in many instances, people refuse to even keep them in their home out of fear for what they will do.

Buddy the pit bull is here to put these preconceived notions about his breed to rest, as he intervened and attempted to save the lives of two small children who were in danger of being drowned by their deranged mother. While she was able to kill her five year old, Buddy successfully saved the nine year old from her clutches.


Unfortunately, authorities thought Buddy was trying to maul the child and thanks to erroneous original reports, this idea was allowed to continue circulating. He was taken in by the Murray River Council and when local residents heard of his heroic actions, they began to circulate a petition to beg for his life.

The petition received over 50,000 signatures and Buddy’s owners were able to bring their pup back safe and sound. As for the woman who attempted to kill her own children, her mental illness precludes from being able to remember her own actions, a truly sad end to a difficult story.


According to her lawyer, she has a longstanding history of mental illness and would never knowingly behave in such a manner. All we know is that Buddy’s efforts saved the day and that this story serves as a valuable reminder that pit bulls are not the murder machines that they are typically portrayed as.

Please share Buddy’s story with your closest friends and family members. It is time to spread the word about all of the wonderful things that a pit bull can do and shed their unfortunate dog fighting stigma.

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