Police Are Warning Drivers About A Creepy License Plate Scam

Being a woman in this world just isn’t safe. College campuses, workplaces, shopping malls, you name it. There’s just no place where women can feel absolutely free from harm. Thousands of women and girls arm themselves with pepper spray and even wearable tech alarms to try to stay out of predators’ way while they’re out and about.

And the numbers back it up. According to organization RAINN, 1 in 6 American women will be raped or sexually assaulted in her lifetime. Around the world, the statistics are even worse when you factor in child marriage and all that it implies. One place where we expect to feel some modicum of safety from potential predators, however, is in our cars.

Horrifyingly, one woman’s ordeal proves that we can’t even find comfort there. This license plate scam is something that everyone needs to know about when they hit the road.

Officers from the Fishers Police Department in Indiana put up a Facebook post recently describing an encounter one woman had that could have ended in car theft, assault, or even death. It all started when she was driving.


She was minding her own business when a truck pulled up right alongside her vehicle, and when she glanced over to see what the man inside was doing, she noticed him holding up a license plate and motioning to her.

Thinking nothing of it, she thought, “Oh, that must be my plate! It must’ve fallen off.” But then she took a closer look at the numbers on the plate.


Thank God she had memorized her plate by heart, because she was able to tell after a few seconds that this predator was trying to scam her and get her to pull over. You can only imagine the horror he’d have inflicted if she’d pulled aside.


The driver didn’t pull over but instead kept on going until her would-be attackers were no longer in sight. Wanting to warn other women in her community, she called her local police department to report the incident.


Not only to protect their own community but other communities across the nation as well, the cops posted on their Facebook page to warn other drivers. Here’s what their post said:

Suspicious Activity Alert in the area of 116th St/Allisonville Rd Fishers, Indiana. Occurred yesterday, a female driving south when two men in a powder blue small size pick-up truck(loud exhaust) pulled up alongside her. The male passenger got her attention and told her she had lost her license plate. He held up a license plate pretending it belonged to the female. Thankfully the female knew her license plate number and recognized that she was in danger. She did not pull over, but continued driving. If you are approached in this manner please call 911 immediately. Please Share!

Well, little did they know that their post would be shared 14,000 times. Thanks to the woman’s dilligence in contacting law enforcement and the police department’s effort to spread the word, we can all rest assured that at least a few women will be saved from the horrors of attack, assault, and rape while they make their dailly commutes. Be sure to share this story with all the other drivers in your life!

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