Prince William And Harry Have A Sister No One Knew About Until Now

Prince Harry and Prince William have been in the spotlight for most of their lives. We cannot speak for these young men, of course. They seem to have gotten used to their place in the world near as we can tell, though. They had no chance but to become accustomed to the attention. Growing up in the long shadow cast by Princess Diana will have that effect.

They are two of the most prominent members of the royal family. While most of us are well aware of their presence, there is another member of this family that some of us are not aware of. Even some of the most experienced observers of the royal family are totally unaware of the fact that Harry and William have a sister. Laura Lopes is the woman in question and her story is an interesting one.

Now that there is a royal wedding about to take place, Lopes finds herself becoming a topic of discussion. There are those who are wondering if she will be on the guest list. The fact that she has chosen to lead such a private life only increases the level of speculation that takes place about her attendance decisions. For many, this is the first time that they are learning of Laura’s existence.

She got her start in the art world and served as the director at the Eleven Gallery in London. Many do not know that she has made appearances at royal weddings in the past. She served as a bridesmaid for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. We have yet to receive any confirmation about the guest list for the upcoming wedding but Lopes is expected to be in attendance.

Unlike her past appearances, Laura and her loved ones are going to be recognized if they decide to participate in this wedding, though. Now that everyone has been made aware of Laura’s existence, we look forward to seeing more of her in the future. Those who thought that they knew everything that there is to know about the royal family might be kicking themselves.

As it turns out, even the royals who spend a disproportionate amount of time in the public eye can have their own secrets. Kudos to Laura Lopes for being willing to carve out a path for herself that differs from her siblings. Be sure to share this interesting story with your friends and loved ones.

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