Puppies Are Reportedly Being Sold For Food In Korea In Advance Of The Winter Olympics

Every culture around the world is going to have their own traditions. While we may not agree with all of them, every country has the right to do things as they see fit. In the nation of South Korea, there is one cuisine choice that is simply never going to sit well with all of the animal lovers out there. This country has been eating dog meat for centuries now.

It is a generational tradition and unfortunately, this is something that will probably continue to take place long after we are gone. In the meantime, activists around the world are trying their absolute best to make this barbaric practice a thing of the past once and for all. The practice is no longer legal and yet that does not stop people from continuing to consume dog meat.

South Korea had previously promised to put a swift and decisive end to this tradition. That is what makes this story so heartbreaking. It is currently believed that nearly 80,000 dogs are going to be killed and used for food in advance of the Winter Olympics. These dogs are typically served in soup form and sold on the city streets.

Now that the Olympics have finally arrived, the eyes of the world fall onto South Korea. They are going to receive far more attention for this practice than they would liked. Perhaps this is the impetus that they will need in order to finally change their ways. This is a country that should be allowing themselves positive attention instead.

After all, South Korea is a beautiful country with a very vibrant culture. It is a same that they are reducing themselves to a punchline in the eyes of many over a tradition that is simply not worth fighting for. We cannot fathom the idea of people eating dogs willingly and quite frankly, we simply do not want to. Please share this story to raise the necessary awareness!

To learn more about this story and the tradition that it has sprung from, check out the video below. We certainly not agree with the idea of cooking pets and we hope that the resulting firestorm of attention will spur South Korea into action. There is no reason why anyone should ever be cooking and serving dogs to the general public. This is one of the least controversial opinions that will ever be expressed.

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